Rest assured

Tonight I brought home two Totino’s single-serve pizzas from the freezer at Diana’s house.  Many times, when we stayed up late talking or partying, I’d find myself hungry — 2am, 3am, 4am, even 5am.  She’d often clear out the oven and make me one of these not-good-for-you pizzas.

I don’t care how bad they are for me — they are delicious.  She kept them on hand for those late night ’emergencies.’

Inevitably, because it always seemed like an emergency indeed, I’d burn my tongue with the very first bite –


even though she’d always warn me (sometimes several times) before serving.  A few weeks ago, she made me one and urged me to leave it sit for awhile before biting into it.  I didn’t listen, and I burnt my tongue.  She told me “Next time I’m leaving it on the counter for awhile before I even bring it to you.”  She looked out for me in so very many ways.

Tonight, I fired up my oven and threw one in.  I haven’t eaten much in the last two days, so I thought I would try.  I managed to take the pizza out when it beeped, but I was so distracted with trying to catch up with the outpouring of love and messages on social media, that Mr. Totino sat on my counter until it got cold.

Rest assured, I won’t burn my tongue tonight, love.


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