A Pride to Remember

Because we were both so resistant to the idea of being in this relationship at first, we weren’t even sure at what point we should say our ‘anniversary’ was. When did we know we were in love? About six or so months ago, we decided to pick a date, so that we could really make our relationship ‘Facebook Official.’

Together, we scrolled through our memories in our minds and on social media; we decided that Stonewall Pride 2014 (6/21/14) was the date that we both knew this was really something special.

We had been attending some of the Pride 2014 festivities and having drinks on the Drive. I was really sweaty, and Diana convinced me to take off my binder. She assured me that it would be fine, and told me that Pride was about liberation. So I went in the bathroom of the bar and removed it, and joined her back at the bar. She then urged me to walk down the streets with her during Stonewall Pride, with my binder completely off, my shirt open, a simple brown tie hanging between my chesticles. She took off her top and her shorts, and walked only in damn-near-see-thru underwear. Walking hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder, we became the talk of the town. People couldn’t figure us out. Other people asked us to pose for pictures. I was anxious, but I did it.

We came back to the house and met up with Diana’s good friend, Carvelle. I hardly knew Carvelle, but Diana quickly set the stage for the type of spontaneous and deeply intimate interactions that were so prominent in her life — the three of us drank, teased, laughed, cuddled, and took pictures.  She emailed me the pictures the next day, with the subject heading “A Pride to Remember.”

This event changed my life. It changed our relationship.

These are some of the images captured that night back at the house, after our empowering walk through the streets.


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