Sexy Saturday & sadness

Sitting in your home (which felt like our home) without you on this first Sexy Saturday feels so eerie.  It even smells different in here.

Usually at this time of the night, we’d be deeply engrossed in one another’s company — talking, loving, touching, singing to one another. Maybe we’d be out at a bar somewhere in Wilton, or just laying naked on the couch, or perusing the menu at Peter Pan.

If money were of no consideration, I think I would keep your home exactly as it is right now — for a pretty long while.  I would come here and think about you, smile, lay in the bed, talk to you, play in the dungeon, listen to music, eat frozen pizzas, make chili spaghetti, and watch episodes of Queer as Folk.

I keep feeling like there are barbells laying on my chest.  It’s still hard to breathe.

Goddamn, I miss your presence in this space.  I love you, baby.



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