Trans Youth & Purpose

This came to me from a trans youth this morning. This made me cry so hard but it’s one of the most beautiful and affirming messages I’ve received since this happened. If there is anything that will help me make it through this, it’s messages like this that remind me of my #purpose.

“Last night the tears fell. From far away, i feel your pain so close to my heart. I wrote you a letter, im not done with it but i want to share it with you later. Oh jeez more tears. This is so scary LJ. I feel so horrified when i think of how no one wants to hire trans people so we can at least just survive. I think the reason im crying so much is because i dont see life as genuine as yours anymore. I have a brother, but hes been in prison for a long time. The way you have been present in my life is something ive always lacked but feel like i should have – an older brother. I love you so much LJ, thank you for being you. For caring for people like us who lack the support necessary.

You are so loved!! You deserve so much love! You GIVE so much, you deserve it all and Diana knew that.”


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