Come As You Are

Was talking to someone tonight who loved Diana and who is questioning what they would like to wear for this event (worried it might be potentially inappropriate). That made me really sad, and I realized right away that I needed to make a post here. This event is NOT a memorial. This is a Celebration of Love for someone who loved very, very deeply — she loved you, she loved me, she loved herself,and she was very proud of the way she lived her life (even when it scared others away).

So, let me say this, and I hope folks will spread the word.

Diana *exuded* and *embraced* authenticity. It inspired her when others were themselves, and it encouraged her to continue to live life on her terms (though we know she truly needed little encouragement)!

She unapologetically owned her femininity, her masculinity, her genderqueerness, her sex, her kink, her past lives, her past families, her past and current professions/work, her neuroatypicality, her disabilities, her mental illness, her traumas, her choices in lovers/partners, her inability to dance, her mistakes, her risk-taking, and her many quirks.

Please please please — come to this event as you are. Come as you’d want her to remember you. Come queer. Come trans. Come brave. Come kinky. Come bold. Come as the person she knew, embraced, and loved.

Or, better yet, feel free to take a risk and show her a side of yourself she never got to see. After all, she’d celebrate you and love you all the more. That’s why it’s called a Celebration of Love.


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