Celebration of Love for Diana

There are no words that can adequately express the gratitude that I have for each and every one of you that came out last night  (12/29) to honor Diana, her love for herself, her love for me, her love for you, her love for our entire community.

So many folks leaned in to pull the logistics and soul of this event together, and it was beautiful beyond measure to me.

Thank you to everyone that took on specific tasks in preparation for this event — from parking, to getting the flyers printed, to picking up SFGN copies, to ensuring we had official park staff coverage, to helping to gather wood, to purchasing wood and tikki torches and a guest book, to setting up the location/site, to bringing snacks, to preparing and tending fire, to running a beautiful fire ritual with the sea turtle at the core of the fire, to printing pictures and putting them on easels, to collecting memories and images and preparing a slideshow, to sending in video tributes, to bringing AV and projector equipment, to bringing gifts and donating funds, to making sure I had a ride there/back, to showing me extraordinary love, to showing one another that love, and finally, to speaking about and honoring Diana’s life and love in the most dignified, beautiful ways.


I am in awe of our community and our response to this. I am also in awe of our collective ability to suspend our anger and our confusion in order to honor and love and heal first. This is very fitting, as Diana talked with me several times (and on social media) about the importance of creating spaces exclusively for grief and mourning, and working hard not to politicize (or let others politicize) those spaces as much as possible. For now, I trust that we will know when the time is right to roll up our sleeves to begin having the tough conversations that I know many of us want to have.

This is the most at peace I have been in for the last ten days; I hope that is the same for those of you who have been really struggling alongside me.

As there were many who wanted to but could not attend (and as Diana decided that the projector/slideshow was NOT happening IN that space), please stay tuned for information on another service/event. The format will be quite different, and this could happen as early as next week in Wilton (or later in the month, depending on the availability of venues).

So much love to everyone, not only for what you did tonight, but also for who you are — every.single.day.



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