Laundry Hack

Diana began doing my laundry in my last year of my MSW program. I was stressed beyond belief, and felt like I had no time for anything. She said it would be an act of service, which she knew to be one of my favorite love languages. She was so determined to see me finish grad school.

I graduated in May of 2016, but she continued doing my laundry. In fact, we did my laundry together during our last Sunday afternoon together on 12/18. We were just lying around the house and she said “I might as well get your laundry done.” She never did it on Sundays, which makes me think she knew that her days were numbered.

The way that I could always tell it was time to gather my laundry up to bring it to her was via my underwear count. Almost-out-of-underwear meant it was time. This weekend, when I saw I had only a few clean underwear left, my heart sank.

I couldn’t make myself do my laundry. I just went out and bought more underwear.


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