Action Thoughts

For years and years, I’ve watched people rally against systems that have taken their loved ones, their people, away. It has always made sense to me to stand with them in solidarity.

It’s a very different place to be in when the loved one is yours. When they’re your people. You want to rise up and take action, but you’re in pain, you’re tired, you aren’t even sure where to begin – – and solidarity isn’t arriving in droves.

While I’m still hurting, and I’m not totally clear yet, I think I’d like to see our community do some, if not all, of these things:

-be genuinely open to hearing me about the many systems that had harmful impacts on Diana (and that continue to have similar impacts on many local people)

-be genuinely open to ideas around queering our spaces and LGBTQ programming throughout South Florida

-hold a healing circle for those deeply affected by losing Diana Hemingway

-discuss/plan something in the vein of restorative justice, and figure out how to get the parties at the table who need to be there

-hold a town hall on the many topics/systems I’ve been talking about (ideally that outlines some action steps for allies/comrades/orgs etc.)

-find a tangible, realistic means for increasing access to jobs for trans people in our community

-see a local sex worker pick up the pieces of SWOP South Florida (the local chapter that Diana created)

-develop a network/list of truly trans competent mental health providers who will commit to working on a sliding scale.

[And let me be super clear here, I don’t mean MSW interns. I’ve been one of those, and that does not meet the standard of competency I’m talking about, especially when most trans folks are bringing heavy trauma to the table]

These are my thoughts this morning.


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