Systems of Oppression

Diana Hemingway may have pulled the trigger, but many systems of oppression loaded her gun:

-Respectability Politics
-Lack of access to meaningful work
-Prolonged lack of access to quality health care
-Prolonged lack of access to quality mental health care
-Criminalization of sex work
-Societal stigma around sex work
-Societal stigma around trans/non-binary identities
-Societal stigma around neuroatypical people/behaviors
-Lack of accommodations for neuroatypicality in the workplace
-Trauma/abuses of trans people in the workplace
-Loss of autonomy and abuses via the Baker Act process/institutions

These systems/entities have pushed MANY trans people who take their lives. Diana managed episodic depression/mania (bipolar) her entire life when she had a good income, health insurance, and purpose — all prior to her transition.

If you think that just mental illness caused her to take her life, you aren’t looking at the many things that led up to her decision — she experienced trauma after trauma from 2014-2016, with almost no way to get quality mental health care … because very little of it even exists for trans folks in our community. Take that to the bank. If I’m wrong, show me where it is.

I went to a psychiatrist for the first time two days ago, at a major mental health center, and my experience alone tells me what I already knew.


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