Medium – Session 1, 1/21/17

Had my first session with a medium/channeler. Really don’t know what to think, so I’ll list out what I heard and some of my reactions to what I heard.

Some of the things she said were absolutely spot-on, while other things seemed very general.

She definitely used a lot of the language that Diana would have used – many of the same words that were in her suicide letter came through. She didn’t blame me at all for her death, said I was completely not responsible, that she had thought about this for a very long time, and attempted suicide before (this is true, but is still sort of a general theme with those who die by suicide). She talked about how suicide is courageous, not cowardly (I started watching Cloud Atlas last night, and almost that exact same line is in the film).

She picked up on both of us being artists, being colorful (though that could have been found online), and mentioned glitter (queer AF).  She said that Diana and I had lived many lives together, which is why we were so familiar with one another and were often able to read one another’s thoughts/feelings.

She also spoke to the power of the ocean, which is the only ‘higher power’ I have ever looked to. She also talked about bruising versus scarring (which is complex and associated with kink, and something Diana and I talked about, too).

She said Diana was incredibly gifted with words, very poetic, strong command of language (so freaking true), extremely tender-hearted, incredibly wise.

During the channeling, Diana said that she is always blown away by how I am able to manifest what I hope for/dream up, and that I need to keep doing that, because I’m a “bad ass.” This is language she would have used.

In terms of future relationships, she said “hell yeah” (also very Diana), that I should seek love again, and that I should find it over and over and over.

The most powerful part is when she channeled Diana in regards to feeling everything around her in a super intense way (in part because of being on the spectrum) — which made it damn near impossible to exist most days. She talked about how seeing things going on in the world was often all-consuming. Diana and I talked a *lot* about this, and she had even stopped sharing a lot of bad news on social media because she realized it was wrecking her.

Still have all kinds of mixed feelings and thoughts. She sent me the recording, and I feel like I need to transcribe it to fully wrap my head around it.


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