Cassadaga Mediums

Saw two mediums today in Cassadaga, in search of some connection with my love in spirit form – really, really stretching myself here.

First medium felt like a bust (though I realize now that some of what she said overlapped with what the second one said).

Second one really did seem to nail Diana. She also hit many of my personality traits spot on. We talked for an hour and forty minutes and she only charged me for an hour.

She ended with “you were the love of her life” (Diana told me this in her suicide note). I didn’t ever actually tell the medium that we were partners. I only gave her Diana’s name. The longer we talked, the more that came out that was accurate. She spoke about the realness of our love, the authenticity, how Diana opened me up to love, and how I’d never loved someone in this way. She kept seeing a bench; I carved our initials into the bench where Diana took her life.

She said a lot of things that were truly Diana, including Diana being someone who fought for marginalized populations, fought the system, and even bent the system when she could if it would mean helping someone else. She talked about her politics, and said Diana was big on women’s rights! She said she was a healer, larger than life, an amazing snuggler, someone who made things with her hands, someone who laughed heartily, was magical, had a very ‘unique’ style of dress all her own, someone who could hear trees and animals talk (Diana told me this, and I always thought she was being silly). She said Diana loved to be alone in nature, which is wild because this is how she chose to die; in her very last post on Facebook, she said being alone in nature with her thoughts was her form of meditation (I’d never heard her say this).

She also said Diana’s death was/will be covered up – – and I have strong feelings about this being accurate in complex, systemic ways.

I tested this medium and tried not to give up much info (though I mistakenly told her I was a social worker right at the beginning!).

I am still not 100% in the ‘believing’ category (among the categories of skeptical, believing, and knowing), but I’m a lot closer. I am eager to listen to the recording and to share it with others who were close to my baby.


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