Generosity Returned

Feb 02, 2017. 6:48pm.

Sending family photo albums, pictures, and school yearbooks back to Diana’s mom and bio family. I hope Diana would want this, and I hope this helps them to heal.

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Feb 04, 2017. 3:21pm.

Diana‘s mom received the boxes of photos and memories I sent her. She wrote me on Facebook and began with “Dearest Landon,” which hit me in the gut because that’s how Diana addressed me in her suicide note.

She went on to say:

the box arrived today. First we can not thank you enough for the memories you sent. We loved her so much accepted her more than any parent would and understood her needs.

We must tell you she spoke with us about the love she felt for you. It was the deepest and most profound love she had ever felt from anyone that she loved.

We love many things many people in our lives. But there is that one that will always stand out amongest the rest. Landon that’s what she told me about you.

Plus she said it was the greatest sex with you that she had ever had. so do’nt forget my words they were her words told to her mom that she could tell me anything.

its from my heart i know how you must be struggle everyday every night. That’s how i felt about her dad.

You have to realize you must go on without her but she will never leave your side. You have many things to do. She would want you to finish what you have started.

The best thing when someone leaves are the memories they have given you. No one can ever take that from you.


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