Backlog 25 & a sign– 2/11/17

Feb 11, 2017. 2:14pm.

In between taking care of finishing up at Diana’s apartment and going to therapy, some indoctrination into the ways of Skyline Chili – another one of the places Diana and I loved to go to together.

I miss her so much and am glad I get to share these special things with our chosen family.

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Feb 11, 2017. 6:41pm.

Finishing Diana’s apartment tonight. I will be glad this task is over, but it is also very hard to say goodbye to a space where we enjoyed so much love, lots of new experiences, hours and hours and hours of conversation, and tons of comfort and joy together.

Feb 11, 2017. 10:33pm.

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This is where Diana and I scheduled our very first date. I was running about 15 minutes late coming from facilitating a youth group. She told me she felt disrespected, and said she was going to bed. I felt like a sad, confused puppy and just drove home. I thought she was a little wackydoodles and almost dismissed her completely. She reconnected with me the next morning, and I learned just how important time was to her. I am so grateful that I didn’t blow her off.

We ended up having many ice cream nights here. Her favorite flavor was the Strawberry Cheesecake, and she never deviated. She was a creature of habit.

Tonight, we all had that flavor in her honor.

We walked out and look what was on the sign – – They have 32 flavors, y’all. They said they change the flavor on the sign regularly. C’mon now.

And right above it, a “Trans and Queer liberation” sign.



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