About “In Love that Never Dies”

Landon (LJ) Woolston is a youth worker and a trans-pan-queer Miami native.  He lost his loving partner, Diana Hemingway, to suicide on December 20th, 2016.

Diana was a brilliant, queer, transgender, non-binary advocate, activist and artist in South Florida.  Her activism work spanned across environmentalism, queer and trans issues, sex work and whorephobia, kink/fetish communities, sex positivity, HIV/AIDS work, disability rights, race consciousness, homelessness, addiction, neuroatypicality, and almost every -ism or -phobia one might imagine.

At the time of her passing, Diana was an openly visible sex worker in South Florida, and she started the first local chapter of SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project).  She was also a photographer, a jewelry-maker, a sculptor, and a self-proclaimed lover, fighter, seed picker and hack philosopher.

This blog details the immense loss that Landon and the South Florida community has suffered.  Landon began writing right after Diana’s passing.  Beyond being a space for Landon’s grief and mourning, this blog is also a space for joy and many happy memories.  It is a space for activism – it is a direct, loud, unfettered cry to our community, our society, and our world to do better by transgender people, sex workers, disabled and neuroatypical people.

Diana left a hauntingly beautiful, loving suicide note to Landon.  She signed it, “Yours forever, in love that never dies.”

This is the story of a life and a love worthy of great novels.  Perhaps it will become a book one day.  Perhaps it will simply act as an outlet.  Perhaps it will help Landon (and all of us) to remember, reflect, and ensure — in writing — that this love never dies.

Image may contain: 2 people, eyeglasses, sky, mountain, cloud, tree, outdoor, nature and closeupDiana Hemingway (right) with her partner, Landon (LJ) Woolston.
This was taken at the highest point in Roatan, Honduras, in November of 2016.